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And they were calling

 To one another

Holy holy holy

 Is the Lord Almighty
The whole earth is full of his glory

At the sound of their voices

The doorposts and thresholds shook

And the temple was filled with smoke

Woe to me!

I cried

I am ruined!

For I am a man of unclean lips

And I live among a people of unclean lips

And my eyes have seen the King

The Lord Almighty

Beyond the redline

No go zone

Divine cordon

Where no impurity skirts

Nor shade of darkness glances

End of the road

Where throes of injustice fade

Into joy boundless

Pleasures evermore

And finite’s best is consumed


To naught

 Before gaze inapproachable

 Blazing eyes

Radiance stunning

Where knowledge trembles to the core

Before author of experience

When the moment has come

And reckoning adorns the wall in herald

Where frailty falters before immortality

Galactic hosts dazzling

Resounding echo

And grace will either take the day

Or grace will

Save me O Lord I pray

Hallowed be your name

©David Mutuku 2013

All Rights Reserved