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They whizzed strong in pulsate

Curious spirals in criss-cross

Rapid scan

More questions than answers

This moment unfolds before our very eyes

Eastern Currents

((Image Credits-Google)

And how could it be

We hear our heritage is relegate

Transcended in prominence

And it seems somewhat beyond us

From designs drawn way before time

Fate has never seemed so factual

So real

And true

As the currents blow

No point is left for speculation

This was surely meant to be

Had to be


Is it true all roads are headed west

What wonder is this

We see boundaries crumbling

World becoming one


 We have to go see

The ride of a life time

Generations will marvel over

For a long time to come

Select few from our elite


Best of the best


For honor

And closure

We will probably make a toast

On site

Who knows what will happen

Moment of a kind


Beehive of activity

Rearing to go

What gift could possibly befit such endowment

More questions than answers


As glory orient


For the all defining mission


 We will go see


And as the currents blow

We know this is really a new beginning

Tip of iceberg

Peace on earth

 And Good will to all people


© David Mutuku 2013

All Rights Reserved