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Years had come and gone

Their seasons in shades in tow

He waited patiently

For that moment

Out there

Sought after



Moment of a lifetime

There was no telling

 Which way it would go

When it would dawn

How it would unfold

Still he waited



And purpose of life at stake

All options but one

 Out of the picture

No fall back

Dice cast

He waited pensively

For a touch

That special feel

That one fleeting glimpse


Moment that would complete him

Uniting him with eternity

He waited


Moments of fear and doubt

 Threatening to swallow him alive

Confusion and indecisiveness

Banging his front door violently

Threatening to break in and arrest him

Continually tilting in sea saw of emotion

What-if a companion ever close by

As the momentous couple  walked in

 Past elaborate stairway

Every stride an eternity

He was beside himself

Beholding the promise

Thrill of the world cup


Grand moment of a lifetime

Shining upon him in all brilliance

Divine prominence


The one whose touch on heart

Would elicit a litmus test

The corner-stone

Marking the rise and fall of many

The hidden cause in the eternal blazing trail

That would be spoken against

He was glad to have made contact

Whatever happened

His mission

All he had lived for

Had been accomplished

Simeon had found peace


Ever after

Within that moment of a lifetime


© David Mutuku 2013

All rights reserved