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He burst into the room with a thunderous bang. The elderly man lying on the bed hardly moved. A touch of amusement marked his face as his eyes narrowed inquisitively on the evidently unexpected guest now firmly holding his chest as one stung by a thousand bullets!

“Oh my God!” He panted, dramatically, a heavy tone of desperation dotting every syllable. He turned and returned the door behind him with the firmness of air tight glue. The old man remained motionless.

“I need a glass of cold water!” He barely squeezed out the words. “Nothing like it! You’ve never seen anything like it! Please say the last prayers for me, this time it’s for real…never mind! I will do it myself-Oh! Over a glass of cold water!”

“Son, are you in the right room?! The kitchen is somewhere behind you.” He motioned gently toward the door now securely locked behind him. “Drink to your fill. While at it, you are free have my share of cold water for the day!”

The young man pounced forward and flung wide open the shutters covering the window by the old man’s bed. The dismayed stare at his audience’s face demanded instant vindication. “See that? See that! Armed tooth to toe. They have an elaborate 360 around us. And you think this is a joke?!”

“How many times do I have to remind you not disturb my sleep this early?” His growl was a mixture of dry humor and disappointment. “It’s sweeter around this time of the morning-and you know where to get the ice cubes without interrupting me!”

He pointed at the 5D glasses on his bedside, his weathered finger firm. “Enjoy the show and please pass my regards.” His tone was laden with tons of conviction. The young man’s eyes nervously spun between the scene outside, the glasses and the old man. He nervously fitted them on.

An eerie silence punctuated the next few moments followed by an awe-inspiring whistle that filled the room with wonder and song. It told of wonders beyond what could be seen with naked eye. Realities behind the veil, towering high above  stranger than fiction. Galaxy magnificent reaching out to the planet. To see that was perplexing enough; to know it was all at his disposal too marvelous to comprehend. It was a scene from world beyond, a show of might beyond description. It all happened in broad daylight, so the message could get home, that he would not rest, till his enemies have become his footstool. For those on our side are more than those on their side.

© David Mutuku 2014

All Rights Reserved