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Who would have known, she, taunted as laughing-stock would pull off such a surprise? How was she to tell, the breakaway from her prison would be such a glorious occasion, capturing the headlines for generations to come? Her fortunes changed within moments of divine visitation like no other. She who until moments ago had dwelt within relegation was about to take to the skies, glamour, with the pride of a peacock. From this moment on, her story would not go away. She held her ears in disbelief as the replay filled the air in crisp stereo, loud and clear:

“I who speak to you am he.”

How could it be that the grand mystery hidden through the ages was manifest to her in broad day light! Grand dance; seeker and grace perfected in harmony. What the high and mighty had been kept guessing till the very moment, lay bare before her eyes in that one moment of a lifetime! Ancient pillars of knowledge and wisdom had stooped low to comprehend, to no avail. Even the forerunner was still trying to verify:

“Are you the one who is to come, or should we expect someone else?”

This had to be a dream! Had to be! Like a plane taxing on the runway, the whirl of the engines filled her with wonder and elation. Her heart throbbed with full power. She felt the grip of imprisoning gravity lose her as the glide down the runway began to accelerate.

“He had to pass through Samaria.”

She managed one more fleeting glance behind her and beheld that sweet, personal,  gentle smile; from the maker of the universe! Just for her! This was too good to be true. It was happening though, live. And as their eyes met once again, she felt herself catapulted right into the skies in mighty lift. Tears of joy rolled down her cheeks-unrestrained. She knew it too well in her heart; she belonged; basking in the glory of her second chance, made whole. Forgiven. Accepted. Healed. Redeemed. Delivered. Esteemed. Renewed. She would never be the same again. Her heart had found rest eternal.

Fired up, like one embraced in a blazing trail, she soared like an eagle, tenacity of a lioness girding her wide-spread wings.  New horizons invited gleefully from a distance. Samaria came alive at her dawn, rapturous fire-ball lighting up in celebration eclipse. A new day had come.

© David Mutuku 2014