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They appeared outside my residence unannounced! Talking of moments and the opportunities they present. I will never know why but for a reason, from the very first eye contact, there was something about them, the three, this evasive mystery I just couldn’t seem to lay my finger on. Had something to do with their silence-or so I think…they just watched…I almost left them on their own. Something in the air though betrayed their cover, something from the sixth sense, a divine intuitive over saturation flooding the airspace that resonated so vividly in my heart. You had better be in a receiving posture at the top of the hour when he makes his move…he would have passed me by…just like that! Thank God I was right at the door!

“Look, I come like a thief! Blessed is the one who stays awake and remains clothed, so as not to go naked and be shamefully exposed.”For a moment I reminisced over those sensational accounts of alien escapades. There was this kindred nostalgia, it felt like I knew them from somewhere – déjà vu, only my memory was failing me. I needed to get to the bottom of it, desperately. All of a sudden it was as if my entire life depended on it. Moment in time! Once in a lifetime! I begged them to stay, hungry, thirsty, hoping to buy some time for recollection.

Blessed are those who hunger and thirst for righteousness, for they will be filled.

It was a long shot; somehow I got away with it. Next thing I knew, there they were, the three, sited in my residence. My suspicion was getting confirmed, there was definitely something about them! Wait a minute; was it just in my imagination? One of them seemed a bit peculiar from the rest. His eyes…they…they were…! On second thought, let’s just say the answer to the mystery lay in them, the three. Three in one!  I fastened my seat belt. It was promising to be a rather intriguing afternoon!

So aliens eat meat?! I was perplexed beyond tale. Tongue tied to say the least. They enjoyed the sumptuous meal with unmatched appetite as I watched keenly. Oh my goodness! They were actually chewing…and swallowing! “Where is my camera?” I wondered to myself. Had I fallen victim to a grand ploy?

Like a thief in the night…

And they are good at mind reading too. The timing for the question was just perfect, just as my approval rating for them was nearing rock bottom. Now they wanted to know about my wife’s whereabouts. That was way too incredible, wait a minute! How did they know her name? Didn’t I tell you to watch out for those three? I just did not see that come-absolutely. They had these predictions and pronouncements that caused echoes of chuckles round the stead…like a surround system.

Is anything too difficult for the Lord?

Then they began to move, oh I will never forget that! There was this dense sense of majesty about each pace…like a presidential motorcade. Like the world was at their disposal…like they had it right in their palm. Yet there was just the three of them. As the afternoon breeze swept across the plains, it felt like I was going to be swept off the ground in His presence…whatever that means! I was really in His presence. The story now took a rather hilarious turn, with details of a reconnaissance mission underway. Somebody help me! Who are these guys?!  This was way too fast for me, the plot extremely loaded. First they are having lunch, then they are gathering intel on my wife then now a highly classified mission in progress? All in one day? They told me it was a fact-finding mission, then they told my nephew it had been actually an operation!

 For we are about to destroy this city completely. The outcry against this place is so great it has reached the Lord, and he has sent us to destroy it.”

I give up! Make way for the King!

©David Mutuku 2014

All Rights Reserved