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There was just one tiny little bit he never saw come

Passion for the apple business

Story that won’t be stopped

The Church in final victory


They gather from wherever they may be found among the nations

Defining history

Shaping destiny

Like sparkling rare jewels


Essence of the eye

Treasured at the core


Landmine of Persia was what it was

Cleverly crafted

Annihilation intent

Zero error margin on target

Save for that small little tiny oversight that blew the cover in abortive maneuver

For before any scheme

I am


He tripped himself in phenomenal miscalculation

That it may be known virtue carries the day over pursuit for self myopia

And that power and might bow to Spirit

Thanks to that minute detail somewhere in the blind view

Minute significant

Embraced in the apple business

Universal spectacle template

The queen


Apple of his eye

Who unleashed terror on injustice

Decisive seal


© David Mutuku 2014

All Rights Reserved