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Where the bones lie motionless

Written off conclusive


Against all hope

Defeat overwhelms in ominous presence

Keeping  vigil in hostile surveillance

Worst can be expected

Should be expected

Is visibly evident

Down the valley


Walking back and forth

Among dry bones

There is nothing but despair to show

Down the valley

Plague stalks

Courting disaster

 Death haunts

 Eerie ambiance

Fate in seal

Suddenly divine presiding comes along

Just like him


Adorned with Splendor


And glory

Show just began


Like drama unfolding

Against all chance

Down the valley

Behold the rattling

Bones meeting in embrace

Gravitational pull

Tendon bearing

Flesh alike

Valley comes alive

Loud and clear

Skin covering in cap divine

Awesome transaction in witness

Quad compass pointers pulsating

Life giving breath

Valley of dry bones converted

Revival thresh hold

Impossibility turned possibility

Never to be the same again


© David Mutuku 2014

All Rights Reserved