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I was dying

Dying to make it

Best way I knew how

Resolute course

Compatible with no defeat

Loaded with understanding

Laced with tons of wisdom

Own composition

Girded to the detail


Destined to make it

Pursuit zealous

I saw it not

Interception that cut in unannounced


Irresistible gentle wave that winged me in

Embrace insurmountable

Oozing with affection incomprehensible

Compassionate heartbeat

Dying to make me


Trust tested

Stretched to the very limit

Love found me

Dying to make it

And walked me through a path magnanimous

Unknown to me until then

Course overwhelming with grace

Self utterly smitten



Seeping through

Changing me

Breaking me

Dying to make me


My heart overflows with joy


Basking within new-found glory

Gift divine

Hidden in the course that captured mine

And altered it


Never to be the same again

Now I’m dying

Dying to be made


© David Mutuku 2014

All Rights Reserved