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It’s been about you

All about you

All along

From the Chaldean runway

Insignificant as thin air

Fantasy’s haven

Flight incognito

Mustard significance


That would capture hearts

Of the Nations

And peoples

In compelling course

And substance


Oozing passion matchless

Grand heartbeat

All for love


Flood came swelling up in torrent

Divine justice manifest

Threat to decisively extinguish grand heartbeat real

And for a moment

One brief frightful moment of uncertainty

Scare was real

Yet through it all

It seemed your flight path had been pre-ordained

Long before time

Divine justice embodiment

All along

There was no drowning your cause

You soared above the waves

Gallantly on course

All for love


Your charm tamed the lion

In his dark mane pride

Your brilliance

Subduing the fiercest of flames in frost

Before you

Sea had no option but to part way

As it became apparent

 All had been created

By you

For you

Through you

All about you

All along

Tempest listened attentively in surrender as you made your way

In a Blazing Trail

Ur rose in standing ovation

The nations in applause

Your unifying essence on target

Love like no other


Life giving

Cause for love

All for love


© David Mutuku 2014

All Rights Reserved