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It’s really true

It shall be well

In just a little while


 Don’t cry


The winds of injustice beat in tempest

Sting of betrayal numbing in sinking effect

As wave of discouragement roars in toss and sweep mighty

While in intensity of the moment

Reality dawns in practical ways certain


And real

To the human heart soft and tender

And there is wisdom in reflective pause

Yet do not linger in stuck


In just a little while

It shall be well


Shades of fear lurk in stalk

Tears of loneliness drenching with despair

As the intricacies of uncertainty beckon

In a cruel treacherous world

Do not cry

In just a little while

It shall be well


He rises from beneath at the count of three

Clothed in three

Smiling knowingly

 Resounding conquer displayed

Final bastion vanquished

Embracing with hope immeasurable


It’s true you will rise again

Every tear dried

Renewed and comforted at heart

When you know

The best is yet to come



That day is coming

That Day is coming

Virtue in trounce

Over vice


Please don’t cry

For in just a little while

It shall be all well


©David Mutuku 2014

All Rights Reserved