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Away from myself
And accompanying paralysis
Freedom realm
From compounding myopia
That reigns supreme within domain
And status quo viciously ensnaring
Solid ceiling
Not to mention shenanigans of power and might
Devious lot
Away from myself
I want it all

Deep calling to deep
Splendor of the kite
Territory where the great white shark rules
Spirit wave driving
Subject in full abandon
Deeper heights
Higher depths
Like sound of the wind
Mighty wind breaking
Lost in glories indescribable
Away from myself
I want it all
Familiarity dethroned in quest embedded
Beyond boundaries it thrives
Defying norm
Synonyms to comfort zones rampant
Are choked of life
Prejudice throbs in misfire
Possible impossibilities glistening
Invite magnificent
To unchartered waters
Running away from myself
Where I cannot do
Apart from that which I can do
Through he
Who gives me strength
I want it all

© David Mutuku 2014
All Rights Reserved