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There was no other option left

Nowhere to run

Or hide

The distress call

Crying out from within

Threatened to shred me to pieces

These tiny-little pieces

Unless I could find help

And fast


Far away

Beyond me

Beyond reach it seemed

I almost saw it not

When it suddenly came


Where I vividly reckoned

Dreams have a reality side to them

And that

There was a chance

I could live happily

Ever after


Moment and action

The greatest take out for the day

A peculiar alliance binds them together

At grand convergence


Profoundly greater

Than might of the Victoria falls

In her full splendor

I was like one cornered

Sealed fate

Yet in touch

With the lone escape route


Life line

Right before my eyes

All I had left



I will never know

If it was by design or coincidence

This fire exit

Chance of a lifetime

I grabbed it

With no hesitation

And hurriedly wound up the stair way

Running for dear life

Was what it was really all about


To my surprise

From the Sycamore waving base


My dream came true

And  lived happily

Ever after!


© David Mutuku 2014

All Rights Reserved