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Dance of a life time

That rekindled life


And beauty bountiful

Rare date

Just for me

All for me

Epitome of magnificence


 Lover of my soul


Twirl of Phoenicia


Amid my distress call

The starry hosts sparkled all around me

I was beside myself

In elation

Spectacular display

That set me alive

Like one flowing along a live wire


Twirl of Phoenicia


Aura of the diva embodied in splendor

Like the mighty force of water on hydraulic

In outcome

I reverberated with life

In spite of

The odds against

In their multiple

Barricades paraded

 In counter twirl

Twirl of Phoenicia


Dazzling glory manifest

Dance that was

Dance of a life time

That rekindled life

His firm grip affirming on course

A sense of freedom swept past

Densely saturating the air space

Awe inspiring faith

Defining moment

That floored the barricades in resounding blow


Identity secured



Twirl of Phoenicia


© David Mutuku 2014

All Rights Reserved