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So his magnificent power may manifest

Mystery beyond myself

Beyond power

And might

Horizons after what’s visible with naked eye

Fuel driving the due course

Oiling joints associated

Realities beneath the veil of time

Substance of background processes

On course

Real time

I can do all things


Sharply contrasting in application

With what is falsely called wisdom


Way above marauding shenanigans

Of own understanding

Hot fumes emitting

Knowledge redefined

Thriving right at the center of personal weakness

Vulnerability esteemed

Where his strength overwhelmingly displays

As he dominates centre stage


Through whom

I can do all things


Truth reigns king in sphere

Giving real light to the eye

Life giving fragrance

Strength beyond strength

Stilling heart in tranquil beat


Safe and secure

That it shall be well

East and West

After it’s all been said and done


I can do all things

Through Christ

Who strengthens me


©David Mutuku 21014

All Rights Reserved