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Like a scheduled flight

Train on course

Like a timed race

Against time

The stop watch throbs on

Echoes of

The heartbeat



From a world unknown

Heralding a destination still veiled

Eyes strain to capture a glimpse beyond

What is visible

Hands curiously groping

For a tangible feel of mystery profound

Nostril scans for the all defining experience

Taste buds in accompaniment

As the eardrum keenly seeks

Intricate fashion engaged

For that exclusive frequency

Encode and decode in full universal swing

Hidden within

The heartbeat


It’s all systems go

For the hay

Amid shine above

All headed

For the grand culmination inevitable

Where all answers are laid bare

Dream come true

Perfect bay

Where happy landings sparkle

All mystique demystified

In shade and form

Purpose determined in litmus

When it all grinds to surprise halt

The heartbeat


© David Mutuku 2014

All Rights Reserved