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It’s all flooding within me

Precious reflections

Those beacons of old


From infancy entrenchment until now

Activated in the former

Passive in latter

The discipline of it all drawing the line

Sharply contrasting

Wishful thinking

And reality


It will be here to stay

The discipline

Like the dawn to dusk cycle repeating

Caged in scheduled axis course

There is nothing new about it

Yet every day presenting new dynamic

Telling it all afresh

It’s the discipline of it all that sets it apart

Drawing parallels dominant

Types and anti-types in contemporary

Etching permanence





Shadows of the grand build up take shape

Telling it best in silence

Revelation in beholder’s eye diverse

Like the pierce of a laser through concrete

Diverting not

To the right or left

The discipline of it all highlights the trail

Practice making perfect

Till cause is consummated

Resounding triumph in undulation


Carrying the day



© David Mutuku 2013

All Rights Reserved