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Just before seven

Culmination mark

Where it all leads

All ends

Dusk gathers courage to envelop

Time sliding into eternity

Where the clock ticks mute

Ever after



Saturday evening


Reminiscing eleventh hour

Ecstatic display

Salvage mode in full engage

Legends brace for that strong finish

Trade mark adorning

Each one of them

Wherever they may be found

Saturday evening luster

Shining over the age

Earnest call

For civilization to embrace

Power of the dream

 Essence universal


On course

While defining hour lasts


Six at six

Gatherers seal their sheaves

Shepherds painting the skies with expectancy

Fascinating gazing posture expressive

Flocks coming together

For the grand rest

Assemblies paraded

In their social niche clusters

For the guard of honor

It’s just before seven

At six

Saturday evening

When it’s all happening

Where it’s all happening

© David Mutuku 2014