With the focus of an eagle in swoop they advance



Resiliency combing

Village township and City alike

In intricate detail noteworthy

Incredible at its best

Under veil of mundane daily they gallantly proceed

As many as make contact

Cue at invite

Preserve for the mystery order therein

Visible and elusive in equal measure


Thrust of wild ox exquisitely concealed in abhorrent weakness

Contrast in wonderland

In cause timeless

Before all things

Intense beyond quench

They blaze forth trans-territory

Chosen among assigned

Litmus blue print

Case among classified ranks

Bottomline operation to culminate

In spite of it all

The anchor of all holds still

Taste of time prevailing over

As pieces join neatly together

Zero error margin in ground rule

He thoughtfully casts the fore

Navigating now in steady beat


Still securely bringing in the rear

Finality in seal

For he is before all things

And in him all things hold together

©The Blazing Trail

All rights reserved


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